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Need a function similar to sumif for text

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    Question Need a function similar to sumif for text

    I'm trying to create a receipt as a separate tab in a workbook. I want to be able to type a reference number into one cell and have all of the information that is associated with that reference # fill into other cells. So that when I put in ref # 1234, the name, address, etc, of the person whose reference # that is will populate into all of the corresponding fields. I have tried vlookup, hlookup, as well as index, and have been unsuccessful. any advice is appreciated!

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    How is the data laid out? I would think a lookup would work (H or V) but you would need to make sure that both places have the same format. If you are entering a number into a cell fromated as number or general make sure it is looking up a number and not text with numbers in it (common problem I have seen with lookups).

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