Hi!,,, this is my situation. I have a user level password protected Access
Database and an Excel spreadsheet in which I need to load a query from the DB.
I am following these steps in excel: Data - Import External Data - Import
Data. But when I select the .mdb I want to import data from, and I fill the
fields user name and password, this happen with two different scenarios:

1- If the test connection button is pressed, the error message is "Test
connection failed because of an error in initializing provider. Cannot start
your application. The workgroup information file is missing or opened
exlucsively by another user." Well, I have a workgroup file, but don't know
how to load it during the import process.

2- If I simply press Ok, a second window appears with the legend "Please
enter MS JET OLE DB Initialization Information", I leave the fields with the
default data (the field "Provider String" is blank by defult) and press Ok,
then nothing happens, nor error message nor data imported.

If somebody has a suggestion, it would be highly appreciated!