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import/export calendar info between Outlook and Excel

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    import/export calendar info between Outlook and Excel

    Hi all,

    I am importing/exporting calendar data between my Outlook calendar and an Excel (.csv) file. I would like to automate this process with macros, ideally run from Excel.

    The importing/exporting function is in Outlook. When I record a macro in Excel, it stops recording when I switch to Outlook. Outlook has macro functionality but no record option.

    Can anyone offer a suggestion or provide code that will enable this?

    Export Process
    File > Import/Export
    Choose an action to perform: Export to file
    Create a file of type: Comma Separated Values (Windows)
    Select folder to export from: Calendar
    Save exported file as: C:\Documents and Settings\Robert\Desktop\CalendarImport3.csv
    Replace Existing file?: Yes
    Set Date Range 1/2/2008 and 30/12/2010

    Import Process
    File > Import/Export
    Choose an action to perform: Import from another program or file
    Select file type to import from: Comma Separated Values (Windows)
    File to import: C:\Documents and Settings\Robert\Desktop\CalendarImport3.csv
    Options: Replace duplicates with items imported
    Select destination folder: Calendar

    The automation is complicated by the need to save and close the excel file prior to importing or exporting to/from it.

    Happy to elaborate further if required.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance.



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    Hello Heski,

    It is possible to automate the export/import process from Outlook to Excel and back. The downside is the Outlook import and export functions are not available outside of Outlook. The routines would have to be rewritten in VBA. To do so, requires a solid knowledge of both programs and their VBA routines. I don't mean to dash your hopes. Given the complexity and degree of expertise needed, I am not sure you will find someone willing to do this level of work for free.

    Leith Ross

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