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Excel 2007 : Automatically resize an inserted picture to match cell size

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    Question Automatically resize an inserted picture to match cell size

    Hello, I am pretty new to excel programming/messing around so I'll refer to those who are much wiser than I am. I am trying to set up a form for work, in this form I want to have a page with a bunch of cells pre-sized. What I want to do is when I insert a picture from a job site, that when this picture gets inserted, it will automatically resize to fit within the cell. I don't have time to manually resize dozens of pictures and if I could get this to work it would be awesome! I tried to search for an answer using the search function, but I kept getting a fatal error about allowable memory? Thanks in advance for you help!

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    Re: Automatically resize an inserted picture to match cell size

    Images are objects and, though placed so as to appear to be "in" a cell, they actually exist (sort of) in a layer on top of the cell/worksheet.

    What you are asking may be possible, but is complex and not easily achieve (if it can be).

    Comments, though, are a part of a cell, follow the cell and can be manipulated, including adding a picture as the comment "fill". The comment/picture is easily viewed with just a mouse hover over the cell.

    Here are a couple of links you may find helpful in your task.

    Convert Image To Thumbnail

    Show a Picture From a List of Pictures

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