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copy from webpage pulls in javascript icon, how to remove?

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    copy from webpage pulls in javascript icon, how to remove?

    Hi. I am creating a mailing list, and I need to copy some information from a table on a website. The site blocks exporting, but I can copy and paste the info. When I paste it, on several of the fields is a yellow box with a slanted "J" on it. If I hover over the yellow box, the text box contains what looks like javascript. I can manually delete the yellow box, but having over 5600 lines and 150,000 yellow boxes, it hardly seems practical. Is there some one to make the javascript boxes go away all at once? If not, will the javascript boxes prevent importing the excel spreadsheet into outlook?
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    Hello scrubbie1,

    The following code will delete all Objects on your worksheet (from http://www.rondebruin.nl/controlsobjectsworksheet.htm):
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    To use this code:
    1. Right-click on your sheet tab
    2. Click 'View Code'
    3. Copy the code above and paste it into the empty VBA window
    4. Press ALT+Q to close the VBA Editor and return to Excel
    5. Press ALT+F8 to open the Macros window
    6. Select 'yoursheetname.Shapes1' and click Run

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