Dell Inspiron 1525. WIndows Vista 6 (Build 6002 SP 2) Home Premium

When I right click on a file name in Explorer and choose 'Send To', I can no longer see things like the zip file option and the several other items that I seem to remember were there. All I see is the reference to my DVD drive.

I've checked the C:\Users\nnnn\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo folder and this contains a compressed zip folder of 1 Kb.

I've checked on the web and tried the various options like running command line prompts but nothing seems to correct it.

I don't know whether it's relevant but I'll mention it in case. Neither can I see the Accessories program and some others in the Start All programs list, and neither can I find the simple screen capture program that I think is a part of Vista like the Send to zip functionality.

Can anyone suggest what I need to do to get this Send To functionality back. As I say the suggestions offered by googling around don't seem to work. They all seem to be suggesting that the Compressed Folder doesn't exist. As far as I can see it does and it's that Vista can't seem to invoke it.
The fact that there are no other items available in the Send To functionality seems to support this.

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