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Switched to Windows 10 now macro won't attach file to email

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    Switched to Windows 10 now macro won't attach file to email

    I have the following macro:

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    When previously on Windows 7, it worked just fine attaching the file. Furthermore, I have an identical macro with the same attachment address with the exception that "subfolder-1" would instead be "subfolder-2", and that macro works as expected after switching to Windows 10.

    What is also odd, is that if the attachment does NOT exist based on the path I provide, a mail item won't be created in the first place. When I try to load other macros where I know the attachment does NOT exist, as expected, the mail item won't load at all . In this instance, the mail item is created (so Outlook is finding the attachment), but in the Compose window there is no attachment on the email.

    The only difference I can see at all between the macro #2 that successfully attaches from "subfolder-2" versus macro #1 that fails to attach from "subfolder-1", is the attachment in subfolder-2 is 21KB in size, where the attachment in subfolder-1 is 74KB in size. This honestly should have no bearing on Outlook attaching the file, but that is the only variance I can see at all.

    I've compared both macros with a fine tooth comb, both look identical with the exception of referencing a different subdolder, and the fact that Outlook is creating the mail item tells me it knows it's there, it's just not attaching it. Again only change is switching from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (both had Office 365 Outlook 2016 on them). Lost on what to do here???

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    Re: Switched to Windows 10 now macro won't attach file to email

    Remove On Error Resume Next permanently. Errors will no longer be bypassed.
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