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help on expression for MS Access

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    help on expression for MS Access

    good afternoon all,

    I've created a database to track and manage our leave application. I'm just a beginner and have limited knowledge in expression.
    I need some problems that I'm unable to resolve and hope to receive some help from this forum.
    The following are all the problems:

    1) I need to have a formula that restrict the approver from approving someone for leave when he/she does not have sufficient leave. See Lucy's sample, the leave status is (-) which shouldn't be allowed.
    2) Is there a way I can link up the leave available balance into the Leave application form so that the reviewer has an opportunity to review before deciding to approve or decline?
    3) I need a report that display in calendar format and can do the total count of how many person will be on leave on the same time. Is this possible in access?

    All advice will be very much appreciated and thanks in advance.
    P/s: I was unable to attach the database with Invalid file message..I've saved the table in excel instead for upload purposes. Hope can get some help

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    Re: help on expression for MS Access

    In your Access File, run a repair and compact and then zip the file and upload the zipped file. In this manner, we can look at the file in its native form. See relationships and have a better understanding of what your db actually looks like.

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