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Issue Executing a Search Query with Form - Run-time error 2580

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    Issue Executing a Search Query with Form - Run-time error 2580

    Hello experts, gurus and moderators,

    I'm very new with Access but it seems it's the only way to properly manipulate data which I need to analyse in the future.

    I am currently attempting to execute a Search by using a Form with ComboBoxes under the form: frm_School_Search_Criteria, which includes a sub-form dubbed tbl_School_Search_SB01.

    The idea is that I can choose up to 5 criteria (Diocese, Local Authority, Status Type, Education Phase, and DfE Region) to filter my data.

    All sources of every ComboBox is taken from the corresponding table except for the DfE Region which is extracted from the School Details.

    What constitutes the sub-form data is a combination of data from both the tables School Details and School Trusts.

    Not all 5 ComboBoxes have to be populated but they should be interinked once it's populated.

    I used VBA to execute the search but it came up with the run-time error '2580'..."The Record source Select ..."

    Clearly I believe it's the VBA is where the issue is but cannot resolve the issue to make it work.

    Below is the code I use for executing the search.

    I really appreciate your help and guide please. Thank you.

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