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autonumber in access not starting at 1

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    Thumbs up autonumber in access not starting at 1

    I have Created a form and 1st field SL_NO given as Auto number it's works fine but everyday i have delete old records and enter new records in that form...my problem is it's always starts with after old record number.

    Ex : yesterday i had enter 50 records and today i have deleted those 50 records and started my work but it's continuing with 51 only....Please help me......

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    Re: autonumber in access not starting at 1

    First off, what difference does it make what the number is? If its an autonumber, it probably is use only as a unique record identifier.

    Now having said that, if you would like it to start over from 1, then after you delete your records, then you will need to run a compact and repair. Access, will continue to number sequentially from the last number used in an autonumber situation unless you take this step.


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