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No direction with time traveling!

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    No direction with time traveling!


    Im scratching my noggin on a little bit of data coming from a userform, and how to make it work like I want to.

    My userform is for inputting 143 numerical USD values that are collected every day.
    Values from the userform goes to a sheet we can call the "Sleuth" (43 statically labeled rows, 10 statically labeled colums....not all rows use all 10 columns that's varying per row)
    I need this fresh data that I get every day to reference with yesterdays numbers and highlight decreases in values only.
    I wouldn't mind recommendations for good practice with this sort of reference data like, should I keep it all on one sheet, or should I store it in another sheet and make a macro to clear it out and transfer todays values into "yesterdays" once its all done so its ready for just new numbers tomorrow.
    Since I need to do this 143 times, we can nibbles at this, or if there is quicker ways I can frustrate you while I try figuring that out.

    I'm in no hurry on this, just ready to start doing it differently....I know i'm confusing already so thanks in advance for responses and patience already!


    Wrong part of the forum, sorry about this.
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    Re: No direction with time traveling!

    Welcome to the Forum, unfortunately:

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