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Open to record containing value entered in field

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    Open to record containing value entered in field


    Hope the title makes sense.

    I am trying to get a form to open to a record containing the SSN that is entered in another form.

    The idea is that upon entering new employee information the SSN is compared to the existing data to determine if it is already in the table.

    I am using a DCOUNT to do that in a macro. It works.

    What I can't figure out is the next step in the macro that opens the other form so that the record with the SSN is displayed.
    Also want the macro to close the previous form without giving an error.

    The Emp Data form contains the SSN textbox with On Exit macro to:

    If: DCOUNT
    OpenForm : Table2
    CloseWindow : Emp Data

    It opens the Table2 form, but not to the record corresponding to the SSN entered.

    Gives an error when it is supposed to be closing the Emp Data form after the Table2 form is opened.

    Attached is a zipped copy of my experimental file.

    Hope this make sense and someone can show me how simple it is.

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