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"Unpacking" account groups in access

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    "Unpacking" account groups in access

    So i have a situation . I have some accounts that belongs to a group.
    I have 2 excel files: one that shows the account group and some other information like to the quota assigned to that specific group and the second excel where i have the information about what contains the account groups ( e.g: 1 account group - contain 20 accounts). Now i want to get a single excel file with this 2 combined. Basically i want to have all the information from the first excel and underneath each account group to see the accounts that belong to it and also all the other information to be dragged down. Like i have mentioned before the quota will be assigned to the account group level which will be for example "x" amount and for the accounts that belongs to the group i want to have the quota written as "0".
    How can i do this in access?
    Is there someone who can help me please?
    I will attach an example of what i want to get to...
    I would also like to mention where the is no account group , to be left as it is .....
    Please let me know if you need more information.
    Thank you so much
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    Re: "Unpacking" account groups in access

    I have looked at what you have presented. What is necessary to take this to the next steps is for you to create a mapping. It appears that the field names in the original data are not the same as in the proposed. Build a mapping with criteria (to include any calculations). Your before does not equate clearly to your needs. Good Luck.

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