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Programmer wanted for integrated Excel / Access project

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    Programmer wanted for integrated Excel / Access project

    I have an Excel workbook that I use for collecting and analyzing Real Time Data from my broker. I track and calculate the supply & demand on 28 currency pairs across 9 different time frames. This is done on a minute-by-minute basis for 12 periods. The longest time period is 12 months, which requires 380,160 quotes for each currency pair. The exact process is proprietary, but the data load for all currency pairs amounts to over 9.7 million quotes. This is too much for Excel to deal with while simultaneously doing the calculations and graphing. My thoughts are to use an Access database to gather and store the data and link my Excel workbook to it so it can do the calculations, spit out the reports and paint the graphs I want to see. My problem is that I know nothing about Access, nor am I that proficient with VBA.

    This project would involve creating the database to my specifications and integrating the workbook. This could be done on a single dedicated computer which would run the database and the workbook, or as a database server in which a remote computer could access the database with a local copy of the workbook. My objective is speed and accuracy, so the setup which meets my objective best would be the one I would want.

    The freelancer I'm looking for would know both Access and Excel (and how they can work together) and (hopefully, but not essential) be in the Portland, OR area.

    The bare bones of the workbook is already done, I just need someone to create the Access database with the routine to collect the RTD data (either directly to Access from my broker or from an Excel workbook that collects the data) and create the link to my current analysis workbook.

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    Re: Programmer wanted for integrated Excel / Access project

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