Dear Friends,

I am using excel integrated reporting for accounting function. My query is I am able to establish data connection ONLY for one database via - Other sources - My Mircosoft query - then via SQL etc.. When I fetch the data into excel, I would like CONNECTION String to have multiple connection to 2 or 3 databases at the same time. At present this is only 1 which is frustrating.The connection string box reads as below at present, which only allows company 5 at present, how can i include company 6 as well?

Connection String : Driver={Sage Line 50 v25};UID=rgv12;;DIR=C:\ProgramData\Sage\Accounts\2019\COMPANY.005\ACCDATA;

Any suggestions are welcome, I tried copy pasting the entire string and add company 6 with a company, but then it changes solely to company 6 .

Please advise.

Kind and best regards