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Help on multiplying combo and text either with + or Minus

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    Help on multiplying combo and text either with + or Minus

    Hi all its been a while since i was getting help from the group about excel matters, now i am facing a difficulty since i am new to access and i want to create a quotation form, i am attaching the file with my database (it will get bigger by the way) and i want to be able to populate or multiply my combo boxes with a plus sign or delete a row accordingly.

    If you check now i have already created 2 rows (both rows have combobox but selecting different materials in each compo also changes both rows textbox value)

    Also a major issue can be to save what i create and project on a pdf.
    check and download link bellow as i couldnt find a way to attach directly here

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    Re: Help on multiplying combo and text either with + or Minus

    add and subtract items in a subform. (or listbox)
    dbl-click from source list to add to the box,
    delete key on item in list to remove from the box.

    all items in the box are what you use.

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