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Result by most vote in order database/formula or table

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    Result by most vote in order database/formula or table

    Hi All Genius,

    Appreciated if you can help please, rely on your effort.

    I am looking to calculate analysis

    in attached file, you will find the data for one year of the Eurovision song contest.

    • What can you tell us about the results? Which ten countries received the most votes, in order?
    •Other than the winners, is there anything else you can tell us about the results?

    Can add another sheet for the summary result/analysis to figure out the top ten countries by votes

    I hope I explained it proper, let me know please if any question

    Find attached workbook.

    Thanks a lot in advance for help

    Kind Regards
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    Re: Result by most vote in order database/formula or table


    Nothing is more frustrating than to be working on homework and to get stuck. Without guidance, you might have no hope of finishing the assignment before the deadline. The Internet can be a big help in that respect, but without learning how to get the right answer, asking others to solve your homework questions for you simply becomes a downward spiral (and it's cheating).

    We do not want to contribute to you cheating yourself out of your education, but we also acknowledge that seeking assistance to learn a concept is a legitimate request.

    If you are genuinely interested in receiving help in the form of tutoring or coaching, then please rephrase the title of your original post to clearly indicate you are seeking coaching or tutoring help. Any forum members (who are willing to assist as a tutor) will modify their responses accordingly to facilitate your learning. Tutors don't tell you the answers, they help you figure it out for yourself; so don't expect answers, expect suggestions, or just plain hints. Also, be specific in describing the function/formula or technique you trying to learn, and tell us what you have attempted so far. Otherwise, expect your plea for homework answers to be ignored.

    Perhaps you could start by telling us which of Excel's functions or functionality you think may be relevant.
    Richard Buttrey

    If any of the responses have helped then please consider rating them by clicking the small star icon below the post.

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