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Changing Excel DB to SQL Database

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    Changing Excel DB to SQL Database

    Trust all is well,

    I was wondering if someone will be able to assist me based on Moving my data that is currently writing in Excel to a SQL Database.

    I made a Update form with Multiple Functions based on data that gets populated within the same sheet using a Userform.

    I now need to move my data to a SQL DB as the data is becoming to much for Excel.

    My concern is that I have never done VBA Coding to actually write data to a SQL DB.

    I am Currently Researching the methods to try and figure it out myself but seem to struggle finding a way to Write my data to SQL as well as matching/Finding data in SQL DB to either update the row or add a new Line to the DB.

    My Code is attached within a .txt File as it is roughly 1400 Lines of Coding.

    My File is also attached.

    Few Point in order to know how to operate the sheet and form

    With Sheets Dashboard click the User Form Button to Open User Form.
    Complete Form From Top Downwards starting each line from the right.
    Site Id to be "1234" as an example
    Click "SITE ID" Label ( Button ), and it will lookup to see if the Line can be found based on the "TYPE OF FEEDBACK" Selected.
    Click "STATUS CHECK" Button once all fields has been completed.
    Update Database if Changes has been made.


    Form will be auto populated based on the lines if available.

    I want to be able to move all Tabs to SQL DB and only have the Dashboard Tab Available for users to use.

    I will Appreciate if Someone could assist me with this. Evan if Guideline can be given based on searching Data FROM SQL DB Instead of an Sheet.
    Each Tab Should be its own Table.

    Basically for Retrieving and Writing part to the SQL DB ( Mostly from Line 867 within the .txt file Downwards and From line 103 to 248 )

    I am aware of some Minor Query's for SQL based on

    Select * (dbo.Alarm_Installation)
    Where SiteID = 1234 and Completed = N'Yes'

    Minor Queries to Retrieve data from SQL Using MSSQL.
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    Re: Changing Excel DB to SQL Database

    if you have Access, you only need to run an append query to add the data from excel to SQL.

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