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Default % value, Autonumber and text field connected to a table

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    Default % value, Autonumber and text field connected to a table

    Hi everyone,

    I am not experienced with Access and I would like to ask you a few questions how to work with it.

    1. I have created a table and then a form based on this table. In one column I want to have a percentage value. I would like to have a default value = 23% so I chose a percentage format type and put 23% in property sheet. Unfourtunately it actually shows me 2300%. When I want to correct the value manually for 23% after clicking Enter is returns me 0%, and when I put manually 51% it shows me 100%. What property should I change in order to make it by default equal to 23%?

    2. I have also created one text field with the name of the supplier. Is there a way that I make it the way that: When I start typing it shows me a tip with the supplier name that matches to what I have typed in a list that I could choose from but when no results have been found then it automatically creates a new record in a table with the suppliers?

    3. The last problem I have is with Autonumber. I have created an Autonumber field as a primary key. Howerver when I delete a record manually, Autonumber ignores it and goes on counting like the deleted records existed. For example when I have Autonumbers from 1 to 10 and delete 10th record and add a new one record then it does have 11th number instead of 10th. How could I possible make it different?

    Thank you very much in advance for any tips.

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    Re: Default % value, Autonumber and text field connected to a table

    1. In your table, set the field to number-->Double. Format as percent. Set the default value to 0.23
    2. For this item, look at this link at Allen Browne's site--> http://allenbrowne.com/ser-27-01.html
    3. Your primary key is only used as a key unique value. The deleted number will never return. It really makes no difference. It is only a unique identifier. If you need to have a value that is not unique or the primary key, then create it using a one up formula/VBA in your form.

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