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Manual Autonumber - Access

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    Manual Autonumber - Access

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to ask you how can I (if possible) to create a form based on a table that one field is filled with the number that is higher than previous record in a table.

    Basically I would like to create something like Autonumber but if I set Autonumber then if I delete a raw Autonumber will show me next number and I want to add a number that will show me + 1 value of existing number of records.

    I mean:
    If I have records from 1 to 120 and I delete the record number 120 I want that next record had number of 120 and not 121 like it would be with Autonumber type.

    thank you very much for your help in advance.

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    Re: Manual Autonumber - Access

    are you trying to save on numbers? There a lots of them.
    Why not just use autonum and get 121? The computer nor data doesn't care.

    Otherwise you must write code to constantly look for a gap.
    but you can just get the dMAX(field)
    I =dMAX(field)
    I = I + 1 'the NEW key

    so why waste the time/energy when autonum does it all for free.

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