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Access - check a values in a table

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    Access - check a values in a table

    Hi everyone.

    I would like to ask you for a tip how to solve following problem:

    1) I have a table named 'Insuarance'. There are a few columns but one I am interested with is the Column: Month
    2) I have a form based on that table called 'Add a Insurance"

    What this form does is to add a new record into a table.

    However my problem is that I need to achieve following goals:

    1) The form shows me by default value with next month in the order from January to December
    2) The form checks if the record with a following month name does not already exists

    For example:

    I have in this table records from January to April so then be opening a new form it shows me by default May (in a combo box) and allows me to add a new record. But when I choose March for example in a combo box and try to add a new record then a message box appears "Month already added to a table"

    Can I achive this in Access?

    Thank you in advance for any tips.

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    Re: Access - check a values in a table

    Probably, but without seeing the whole picture it is difficult to say. It will probably require you to tweak either your Macro or VBA codes (they are different in Access). You will need to see what is happening behind the curtain.

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