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bulk query dbf

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    bulk query dbf

    Good morning, I am still trying to create a massive connection for tables in DBF and I am not able to find a solution, to see if any one can help me a little
    I have an excel with a list of branches, in column F of that excel I have the names of each of the databases that I need to bring.
    I would need to make a query that opens that excel, goes through column F (I calculate that with a for or while) and replaces the base name in the query path.

    As I imagine:

    load Locals.xlsx
    for i Locals row X
    BASE = ColumnF.Row
    next i
    Source = OleDb.DataSource ("Provider = Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0; Data Source = C: \ Users \ matiasvizzari \ Documents \ Lince \ (BASE) \ DBF \; extended properties = dBASE IV",
    [Query = "select * from [ctb.dbf]"])

    Sorry for the horrors in the example of how I imagine it, but it is because I have no idea how to express it correctly.
    From already thank you very much,

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    Re: bulk query dbf

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