My app kept the frontend in ACCESS, whereas the tables were migrated from backend to sqlexpress database. Therefore, I have an external link coded in a .dsn file, as follows

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The database name is RicevuteCPNVersion2. Everything works fine, but...

I have the following problem. For unknown (to me) reasons, every now and then the link to the database is lost, and I get a bunch of errors (ODBC failed etc.) Two days ago, for example, a field of the form linked to a table, which should appear as DATE, since the corresponding column in the table is DATE/TIME, appeared instead as SHORT TEXT. If I regenerate the link with Linked Table Manager, using the very same dsn file, everything goes back to normal. I don't understand why this random "refresh" is needed, maybe I am missing something obvious; e.g., is the location of dsn file significant, with respect to database and frontend?

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