So im making a Tool Check-out/Check-in...

What i have going on...

When the User Clicks the Search button for Tool xxxx ----> Scans barcode ----> The Inputbox goes away and the Results are Filtered. This is working properly.
When the Employee Barcode is scanned ----> SignedOut Box is Auto filled in with the day's date. This is working properly

What i would Like

When you initially Scan the Barcode and the input box goes away and the results are filtered i would like for a prompt to ask if the Tool is to be Signed-In, but only if the tool is currently signed-Out.
On a Yes Answer i would like the SignedIn Field to auto fill with the day's date.

Do i use some sort of validation then prompt.. im kind of lost at this point for it.
Pointing me in the right direction would be a great help!