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Creating a Transactional Tracking Database

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    Creating a Transactional Tracking Database

    Reading the fourms, I believe I am looking to create something called a "transactional" database that tracks historical information.

    I want to track and keep a record of employees at my organization who have had disciplinary action. We currently have a 5 step approach leading to termination.
    Eg. Step 1: receive Letter #1 Step 2: receive letter #2 + manager meeting step 3: receive letter 3 + manager and director meeting, etc etc.

    I believe this is transactional because for each employee, we would need to see when they received the letter in the past, and an employee may receive two or three "step 1 letter 1" notices due to whatever circumstance.

    I stumbled upon this database and I found the bottom part where you Add/Edit Employee is what I am looking to do...except I can't Design view or anything to see how all this cool stuff is done! The link is: http://www.access-programmers.co.uk/...d.php?t=154187

    Essentially, I want to create a user friendly database like the link above where a clerk/admin assistant can open Access, search for an employee by name or department or manager, and then be prompted to add information such as Letter #2 delivered, manager meeting occured, employee signature, etc.

    Would someone be able to help me get started or direct me to where I can get more information to do this?

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    Re: Creating a Transactional Tracking Database

    Here are two sites you should look at.



    These two sites should help you understand how to set up a db properly


    Change an Ugly Report with Power Query
    Database Normalization
    Complete Guide to Power Query
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