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Auto detect and label the peaks and botttoms of a graph?

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    Auto detect and label the peaks and botttoms of a graph?


    I was wondering if excel can auto label peaks and bottoms of a graph? Let me go further:

    I have a graph that has one data number for every day of the year (365). This is a natural up and down curve, similar to a stock.

    Can excel find the key high and low points? I have attached an example that I think may help. In it you will see I have quickly labeled the key tops and bottoms. CHART TEST.xlsxCHART TEST.xlsx.

    I basically omitted the peaks/bottoms that are very short term and irrelevant.

    Thanks so much in advance.

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    Re: Auto detect and label the peaks and botttoms of a graph?

    You should be able to do the desired auto-labeling via VBA.
    As to what consitutes a Key point - that you would need to clearly define for Excel. From what I see, trend-reversal seem to be the common attribute for all key points. However, you'd need to define it in more specific terms - like percentage change, or minimum difference between two consecutive lows or highs - so they maybe labelled accordingly.

    Basically, first you label all the points, and then delete the labels that do not meet the "Key" criteria.

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    Re: Auto detect and label the peaks and botttoms of a graph?

    To label the points simply add another data series and apply data labels to it.
    For any point you don't want displayed use =NA() instead of the data value.

    Determining which points constitute a peak or a trough may require VBA.

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