I do not have a ton of experience with excel, however I do have some. I have 7 different series I want to graph on one scatter plot, and each series has a date with the number value. For example,

Series 1: 9/2/14 - 10 9/5/14 - 12 9/7/14 - 15

Series 2: 9/3/14 - 8 9/5/14 - 13 9/9/14 - 17

and so on...(with a lot more information)

Here's my problem:

I can make the time series graph with the dates and number values, but I would like to include the entire span of dates on my x-axis, not just the dates that have a value. So instead of it graphing 9/2, 9/3, 9/5, 9/7, 9/9, I would like it to be like this 9/2, 9/3, 9/4, 9/5, 9/6, 9/7, 9/8, 9/9. Even if the date doesn't have a value, i want it to show up on the x-axis. Can anyone please help me with this.

(Sorry if I have not been very descriptive or could have explained it better)