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Chart Axis in terms of Dates/Other Chart Date Questions

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    Chart Axis in terms of Dates/Other Chart Date Questions

    I am trying to create a chart in Excel that shows the time elapsed between 2 dates in different years in terms of months. Here is an example of my data set:

    Facility Name Start Date End Date No. of Months

    Facility A 1/2013 12/2013 12
    Facility A 1/2014 8/2015 20
    Facility A 9/2015 1/2016 4
    Facility B 9/2009 8/2010 12
    Facility C 6/2011 5/2015 48

    I am looking to create a horizontal stacked bar graph that shows different sections for each period of dates.

    1) How do I make my horizontal axis as the year (beginning with 2009 and ending with 2016 in the above example)?
    2) How do I make my sections in terms of the number of months passed?
    2) How do I make it so that all of Facility A's dates are stacked?

    I work in finance and am usually good with excel but I'm getting stumped on this one. Any insight would be appreciated!

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    Re: Chart Axis in terms of Dates/Other Chart Date Questions

    Hi man,
    Is this close to your request?
    I make it stacked on same chart. you can work around on the timeline that it shows
    Stacked Project.xlsx

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