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Chart isn't updating - "SelectSourceData" issues

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    Chart isn't updating - "SelectSourceData" issues

    Hi All,

    For some reason, when I try to update my line chart via VBA's "SelectSourceData" it ALWAYS omits the first line item. It says that it is in the range, but it is not showing on my multiseries line chart. I've attached an excel file, and the code i am using is below. Basically i'm making a dynamic line chart based upon the value of a vlookup cell controlled by a combobox.

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    Please use comments in your responses, as I am new to VBA and trying to learn! Thanks everyone
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    Re: Chart isn't updating - "SelectSourceData" issues

    Select the show all option in your dropdown
    Click on one of the graphs and look at the formula bar, the rightmost number is the series number
    Use arrow up and arrow down keys to navigate to series 1 and you see there is a different formula in the formula bar

    I tried to correct the formula but it didn't work.
    Instead, just right click on the chart, Select Data, and delete series 1 then add it again. That fixed it for med.
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