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Y Axis Counting Decimals

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    Y Axis Counting Decimals

    I have a graph I am using to display units (y-axis) that sometimes can be in the range of 10-30 (which are no problem), and sometime 1-5. With the count that is 1-5 it shows 1,1,2,2,3,3. I am looking to just show whole numbers 1,2,3 - at the same time not making too many ticks for when a case comes with 10-30 units. I am replicating the graph so some cases may have 1-5 units and others 10-30 units on the y-axis.

    I want to adjust the settings so i can replicate the graph and the y-axis doesn't have decimals for those lower ranges 1-5.

    Hope this makes sense, thanks.

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    Re: Y Axis Counting Decimals

    It should be as easy as going into the format axis dialog and changing the min, max, major unit, and/or minor unit. http://www.dummies.com/how-to/conten...007-chart.html

    Is there more to the question than that?
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