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How to add Secondary Horizontal Axis With Custom Titles

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    How to add Secondary Horizontal Axis With Custom Titles

    I really need to adda secondary horizontal axis, to the top of my chart. I have been just inserting a text box, but this is very inefficient. I figured out how to add a secondary axis and get it up there to the top, but it is only numbered, it will not let me add custom text to the axis with a scatter chart. Any ideas?
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    Re: How to add Secondary Horizontal Axis With Custom Titles

    It is difficult to tell from a picture just what you are trying. I would expect something like the arbitrary axis technique (see this for a vertical example. http://peltiertech.com/Excel/Charts/Y_CategoryAxis.html it should be easy to adapt to your horizontal axis) would work for you.

    I could see something that simply uses a line/scatter combination chart (the series on the secondary axis system would be the line chart) could also be made to work (see this tutorial http://peltiertech.com/Excel/Charts/ChartIndex.html#C ). The main challenge here is formatting the data and axis so that the line's category axis matches up with the XY scatter's value axis.
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