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Make a curve start at origin

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    Question Make a curve start at origin


    This is my current graph :

    Basically, I added a test curve to a graph, but I would like to make it starts at ( 0,0 ) where the black arrow is pointing, but I'm unable to do so. All my new curves start at ( 1,0 ).

    Is there anyway to make a curve starts at ( 0,0 )?

    Thanks in advance,

    P.S. here's the file if you want to see what happens :

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    Re: Make a curve start at origin

    Duplicate of this thread: http://www.excelforum.com/excel-char...at-origin.html

    What about the proposed solutions in the previous thread do you not like?

    I do note that, since you are using a line/stacked column chart (which will have a category axis), what does 0,0 mean? It might be more difficult, but an XY scatter/stacked column combination chart might be more meaningful when generating the trend line.

    Or perhaps generate the trendline(s) in the spreadsheet (using the LINEST() or TREND() functions), and add those columns as additional line chart data series. The spreadsheet might look like:
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