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Downtime chart

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    Downtime chart

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to make a chart of machine Uptime and DownTime, I only have start and end times. Here is some example data:

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    Where 1 = Uptime and 0 = downtime.

    If I chart this data in excel using area chart this happens:


    The X-axis is giving every entry equal space on the graph, I need to be able to observe the length of time a machine was up or down just from looking at the graph. Also when it goes from 1 to 0 there is a slope and I need a step change as a machine can only be up or down, there is no in between.

    This is mock up using paint of the sort of thing I'm trying to make:


    Anyone have any ideas?



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    Re: Downtime chart

    A Scatter Chart with Straight Lines & No Markers will display exactly what you want except that it will just have a line, without the area under the line filled in.

    If you can live without the area then you're done just by changing the chart type. If you really want the shaded area though, then we might have to get a little more creative & that will take more work.

    For example, Jon Peltier's tutorial on shading under a scatter chart.
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