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How to plot a line chart with y-axis (text) on left and x-axis (percentage)on top of chart

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    How to plot a line chart with y-axis (text) on left and x-axis (percentage)on top of chart

    I am trying to create a line chart that has categories on the y-axis and percentages on the x-axis. The y-axis must be on the left and the x-axis on the top.

    My data table looks like the below:

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    In essence the chart would plot the lines vertically down from the top.

    Any idea how this could be done?
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    Re: How to plot a line chart with y-axis (text) on left and x-axis (percentage)on top of c

    I think you want a Bar Chart (not a Column chart), with the Vertical (Category) Axis: "Format Selection": "Axis Options": "Categories in reverse order" box checked.

    If I'm understanding your request correctly, that should get where you want to be.

    See attached.
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