Hello All,

The problem: I'd like to show a simple list of all slicer items chosen by the user. I have four slicers that each cross-connect to 3 pivot tables.

I did not build these pivots in the powerpivot/data model view, and when I tried, it wouldn't let me put my values data (the total time spent in each area), into a sum (it forced it into a count of item, and kept telling me the sum wasn't possible with text based values- which numbers shouldn't be?).

And from everything I've found online, it seems that the Cube formula and any variation thereof only works with power-pivot data models.

So I'm looking for a potential solution to display all the choices a user makes between my four slicers (named: slicer_month, Slicer_TWP_Code, Slicer_Activity_Code, Slicer_Program_Code).

Any thoughts?