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Access-style dynamic relationship table in ExCel? Possible?

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    Question Access-style dynamic relationship table in ExCel? Possible?

    I'm creating a workbook for a catering service. I'm a rookie when it comes to Excel so do excuse the amateurishness of my query.

    So, I've created a recipe cost calculator which has been designed so as to help the chefs determine how much quantity of each ingredient - which constitutes a particular dish - that they would require depending on the quantity ordered by the customers.

    I've arranged it so that each dish that the company offers has been given a separate worksheet into which the cost calculator is built. Inherent to each worksheet is the ingredients list which contain the costs of said ingredients. Logically, never are ingredients exclusive to a particular dish and ingredients will tend to overlap with different dishes. For example, you need Onions to make a beef burger as well as for a chicken curry. Furthermore, prices tend to fluctuate greatly in my part of the world and it would be tiresome to keep on changing the prices of the goods frequently. Now, instead of having to repeatedly type in the costs of the same ingredient for different dishes, I want a system where there is a central database of ingredients and ingredient cost where I can enter ingredient details, update prices, and from where the dish worksheets can source their cost information.

    Is this possible in Excel? If it is, a reply suited to my amateurishness would be greatly appreciated. :P

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    Re: Access-style dynamic relationship table in ExCel? Possible?

    Yes, have a look at VLookup

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