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Plotting Charts Of Orders Per Day

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    Plotting Charts Of Orders Per Day

    I'm a real Excel noob, so please excuse my ignorance, but I could use a little bit of help with plotting graphs.

    So basically I have an excel sheet provided by my fulfilment centre which shows (among other things )the order name and the order date. For simplicity sake lets say the sheet looks like this:

    Order Date
    SKU1 21-7
    SKU1 21-7
    SKU2 21-7
    SKU1 22-7
    SKU2 22-7
    SKU2 22-7

    Does anyone now a good way to plot a graph with the amount of orders per day for each SKU and possibly a method to show the average amount of orders per SKU per day over a certain time period?

    Thanks in advance - would really, really help me out!

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    Re: Plotting Charts Of Orders Per Day

    Are those proper dates (with the year hidden by formatting), or text values that just look like dd-m ?

    First of all, you should derive a table to put the data in the format that you want to show on the graph. You should list the individual order names (SKUs) across the top of the table, and the dates down the left side of the table, and then you could use a COUNTIFS formula to count how many of each order name occur on the different dates. From that you can plot a graph showing the orders per day on the Y axis and the dates on the X axis, where the SKUs are different series (i.e. different lines on the graph, usually in a different colour).

    You can use an AVERAGEIFS formula to derive the average over a specific period (eg. monthly) in a separate table.

    If you feel you need some extra help to show you how to do these things, then it would be a good idea if you attached a sample Excel workbook. To do this, click on Go Advanced (below the Edit Window) while you are composing a reply, then scroll down to and click on Manage Attachments and the Upload window will open. Click on Browse and navigate to (and double-click) the file icon that you want to attach, then click on Upload and Close this Window to return to the Edit window. When you have finished composing your post, click on Submit Post.

    Hope this helps.


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