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Plot stacked absolute numbers and stacked percentage (100 %) in one graph

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    Plot stacked absolute numbers and stacked percentage (100 %) in one graph

    Dear all,

    I have worked with excel for many years, but I have rarely done graphs that go further than the standard functionality. Hence I have little experience and wanted to take this opportunity to seek help from this community. I work in finance in Zurich.

    What I aim to do is the following:

    - we have three business streams: LSC, SME and CTF
    - in each stream, there are a number of documents that need to be sent out to clients
    - each document represents a contract (e.g. a trade finance guarantee or a loan) with a certain value

    So for the streams on the x-axis, I would like to plot:

    - on the left y-axis a stacked column of the value of the sent and then above the not sent contracts (in absolute terms) - so mgmt can see the impact of each stream in absolute terms
    - on the right x-axis a stacked column (in percentage, so for all the streams the columns should have the same height) with the distribution of sent and not sent

    This chart would give valuable insights: firstly, mgmt can see the status of sending the documents (in percentage), but also the absolute impact of each stream.

    I would be very happy if somebody found time to assist me on this.


    EDIT: Problem solved - quicker than I thought. Just click on "Change Series Chart Type". New question now: how can I have the columns next to each other instead of overlapping? If I separate them, one stack stays central, but the other one is torn apart - the lower one to the left and the upper one to the right of the then center column

    Many thanks in advance
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    Re: Plot stacked absolute numbers and stacked percentage (100 %) in one graph


    If you click on each column then right click to select "Format Data Series" by changing the % for either "Series Overlap" or "Gap Width" you may achieve what you want.

    Does this help


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