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Horizonal Axis Values

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    Horizonal Axis Values

    Hello all,

    I'm a student needing to get a graph in the shape in the first picture.

    This is what I'm able to figure out so far in the second picture.

    What I want is to get them stacked like shown
    However the horizonal axis only take it as names instead of values that can scale like in the pressure coeffecient vs chord position
    im trying.jpg

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    Re: Horizonal Axis Values

    What chart type are you using? The picture on the left is clearly an XY scatter chart. Your Excel attempt on the right looks to me like it is a line chart. If my assessment is correct, then I suggest trying again with an XY scatter chart instead. If you are unfamiliar with the similarities and differences between line and scatter charts, I would recommend this (the concepts have not changed significantly since Excel 2003). https://peltiertech.com/line-charts-vs-xy-charts/
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