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Requesting suggestions for data visualization? Currently using histograms. File attached.

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    Requesting suggestions for data visualization? Currently using histograms. File attached.

    Hi all,

    I'm analyzing various stuff of data and I find that it can be nice to have visualizations to perceive both what's normal and what's happening in the data. Both recently and for "all" history.

    What I have been doing is to basically do a frequency count based on my custom made bins. It might be that my bins could have been a bit smaller on this particular example. Then, I make histograms based on this frequency count. I've set things up such that I can adjust the lookback period in cell B3.

    Is this the way to go about doing this? Are there better ways to visualize this type of data?

    This particular example is the closing price of a stock I'm watching.

    I'm attaching both the file and also a picture.

    Very open to suggestions on how to proceed with all this or if what I'm doing is perhaps not too bad in the end.

    Best regards and thanks!
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    Re: Requesting suggestions for data visualization? Currently using histograms. File attach

    About the only suggestion I have is on the second chart. I think it would look better as a scatter plot. You can also compute control limits.

    The Average and Standard Deviation work on the last 50 data points. Sigma (Cell B16) determines the upper and lower control limits. In the example it is 1.96 which means that 95% of the values are between the lower and upper control limits. Points outside this range are outliers and should be investigated. What happened that day?

    Other Sigmas yield other margins:
    1.6449 = 90%
    1.4395 = 85%
    1.2816 = 80%

    It all depends on how closely you want to control what's going on. The lower figures will produce more outliers.
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