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Help to produce a chart with large data set

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    Help to produce a chart with large data set

    Hi Everyone
    I was wondering whether someone can help me with an advise on the best way to draw a chrt.

    I have attacahed a very simple file to illustrate my problem.

    I have a very large data set, over 165k of rows. the spreadsheet has information of sales per sales person for each month. When i draw a graph as its large it doesnt make any sense as its not clear because of the amount of x-axis label.

    In the sample spreadsheet I have attached it does show a problem I have.Can someone please tell me what will it be the best way in the attached sheet to present a meaningful and readable graph to show the sales person sales for each region for each month. it can be any suitable chart. the chart in sheet 1 is the one i am interested in

    Thanks in advane
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    Re: Help to produce a chart with large data set

    I'm not sure that any type of chart will make that much information in one place particularly meaningful.

    Personally I would go for two charts.

    One that shows a Region breakdown (with your stated version of Excel this will allow you to easily filter the chart to show single/multiple regions for an even clearer picture) and another dynamic chart that shows each salesperson for a selected region, or all salespersons and again you use the chart filters if you want a more select view of just a handful of them.


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