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Maximum rows shown in a pivot table

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    Maximum rows shown in a pivot table

    Hello all,

    I want to make a pivot table that shows in another spreadsheet (a dashboard), but the number of rows that shows has to be limited. It will look somewhat like this:

    Filter: Date --> may 2018

    Product - Number of products
    Product 1 - 1
    Product 2 - 2
    Product 3 - 3

    The problem is: There are way too many products to be shown in the dashboard, that it will run over the rest of the dashboard. Thats why i want to set a maximum to the number of rows shown in the dashboard, does any of you know how to do that?

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    Re: Maximum rows shown in a pivot table

    Several ways
    - You can put a top 10 filter (you can set a different number) on any column
    - You can put the pivottable on different sheet and make a linked image (camera tool) of the part you want to show
    - You can set groupings for data to summarize
    - YOu can add extra summary column(s) in the underlying data

    There is no Pivottabe option to set output to max X rows, and the reason is obvious, if you control in the pivot layout how big it can be, the pivot has no way to resolve what data to show and what not so, the pivot output might not be a valid representation of the data you want to present.
    So you have to control what to show by either setting filters or summary options
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