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How do I create a chart showing overlap of working hours

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    How do I create a chart showing overlap of working hours

    I'm needing to create a chart with the ability to show where there is overlap in hours worked. For example, if an employee is working several places and the hours logged at each place overlap (thus the employee is fraudulently claiming time at once place that they're not actually working.) I've gotten close with Gantt charts but it doesn't show exactly what I need, which is the overlapping hours highlighted or an easy way to graphically show the impossibility of being 2 places at once. Sort of like this picture below (if it shows up/comes through.)

    work overlap schedule example.PNG

    Here is some sample data that is hopefully attaching correctly. ANY help at all is greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance!!
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    Re: How do I create a chart showing overlap of working hours

    Hello tfernandes818 and Welcome to Excel Forum.
    This is going to fall into the category of "any help".
    The attached file assumes that, by looking at the sample data, there would be overlaps between work place 2 and the School AM or work place 3 and School PM.
    The formulas used to find those overlaps are similar to: =AND(F3<>"",OR(F3<$C3,F3<$E3))
    Conditional formatting is applied such that if there is not an overlap the cell displays a blank, and if there is an overlap the fill (orange) and font (red) are displayed.
    As to an actual chart (gantt) I searched the web using "Excel show overlap in gantt chart" and got several youtube video results that might be applicable, including this one by Dr. O'Loughlin. I imagine that some restructuring of the data would be required in order to produce one however.
    Let us know if you have any questions.
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