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Non Numeric data representation in a dashboard

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    Non Numeric data representation in a dashboard

    Hi Excel'ers

    I have been asked to create a KPI dashboard and have immediately hit a road block.

    Context: I work in a contact center, my TL would like a dashboard that presents the following information:

    Five areas of monitoring (Underwriting, Phone communication, written communication etc.)

    Within the five areas there are eight categories that will have a YES, NO or N/A answer. For example for the written communication area:

    1. Has the consultant used the clients name: Yes, no or N/a
    2. Has the consultant used correct spelling: Yes, no or N/a


    I will have a data worksheet that will display a score card. My TL will enter a 1 for Yes or 0 for No (if this is the best way)


    My question to you, is how do I represent non numeric data on a dashboard? Would I assign an value for Yes and 0 for No and then total the values up and use these in the formulas? E.g. 5 Yes's and 3 No's means a total of 5 points out of potential 8. Is there another way that is better?

    Also, she would like to have some sort of SWOT analysis built into the DB, is this even possible based on the data?

    Are there any other issues you can see?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Non Numeric data representation in a dashboard

    To attach an Excel file to your post,
    • desensitize data
    • remeber that your example should reflect structure and type of data and contain the result what you want to achieve (manually created if necessary)
    • click Go Advanced,
    • scroll down until you see Manage Attachments,
    • click that and select Browse,
    • select your file and click Open,
    • click Upload and you will see your attachment below Upload Files from a website
    • click Close this window,
    • click Submit reply

    After that you should see attachment in your post
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