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How to do a grand total using pivot chart

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    How to do a grand total using pivot chart


    Is there a way to use pivot chart to show the total hours and also at the same time showing the break down as per attached picture.

    Am stuck=C

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    Re: How to do a grand total using pivot chart

    This Excel Forum thread seems to address the same question. There is a link provided to an article in the second post of the thread that doesn't work, however I believe that the update to the article is here.
    I don't know that it will be possible to do what you want, (since the OP of that thread never provided feedback) however it would be easier to at least make an attempt if you would upload a desensitized version of some of your source data and a corresponding pivot table.
    To upload a sample workbook (not a picture or pasted copy) click on the GO ADVANCED button below the Quick Reply window and then scroll down to Manage Attachments to open the upload window.
    Consider taking the time to add to the reputation of everybody that has taken the time to respond to your query.

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