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One More Charting Question: Best way to show days late/early/on time on a chart?

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    Smile One More Charting Question: Best way to show days late/early/on time on a chart?


    I have a sample of data that's pivoted to show the quantity of people that are On Time, Early, or Late (See attached file with included chart). Basically I'm giving a % of each in table format (late, on time, early), but I also want a chart so that the viewer gets a sense of HOW late or early each person was in terms of days. So notice on the chart that most people are clustered around 0 days late/early, and very few are late after ~ 9 days. But the problem I see is that the ends of the spectrum (15+ days early or 40+ days late) you can't see the breakdown of that. Extending the axis to include them is possible but makes it less clear. Any ideas?

    Is there a completely different/better way to represent this data using a different kind of chart? Keep in mind this is pivoted to be in this format, the actual source data is basically just two columns of lots of dates (each row is a person). The dates are subtracted to get the number of days, and then another column defines it as early/late/on time based on criteria of positive/negative/0 days difference.

    Any thoughts?

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