Hi All,

I know similar questions have been asked, but due to my relative ignorance on the subject I can't seem to figure out how those answers work. Here’s a quick summary of my situation. I have a table that tracks returns:
Customer M/Y Store Returned Item Reason Amount
John 5/18 Store#1 asdf its bad 45
sally 6/18 Store#2 jjij sucks 40

And a table that tracks sales:
Customer M/Y Store Item Amount
Steve 5/18 Store#1 asddf 45
matt 6/18 Store#2 jjij 40

Unfortunately, for now there’s no way to associate a return to a specific sales (automate) so the two data sets live on separate tables. Both however have a M/Y (month/year) column.

I have created a dashboard based on the returns table and want to use the M/Y filter from that range on the “Sales” range. I have added both ranges to a data model but can’t link the M/Y field because it says it’s a “many to many.” No idea how to create a relationship between the two ranges based on the M/Y column. Help? Possible?

Thank you!