Good Morning all,

I am trying this for the second time as my first post was deemed to be a rule breaker! i apologize as this was not intended.

looking too see if its possible to link a drop box file with my order form?
please note i am not looking to bypass any security and actually want to keep our server security in 100% working order...

what i have is an excel based order form that is sent out to all our customers during our booking season, at this point there are 2 stages of inventory, 1) where we don't care if the orders are putting us into a negative inventory position as the buys have not been placed and finalized yet.. 2) where our buys are in and we will not receive any more inventory other than what is in out system so we do not want to put into a negative inventory position.

i have with the help of this community gotten the order form to block all orders that will put us into the negative to work, and now i'm hitting a snag on the constant updating of the actual inventory levels...

our inventory is coded in our operating system with one of a kind item codes that are specific to that style/colour/size. as a result the inventory is pulled from our system using these codes as to keep our information hidden from our competition... right now i have a pivot table that pulls this inventory information (ATS) from our server and gives the units available based on the item code... as this pivot table is linked directly to our servers there is an access/password required to update the information and the file is in a drop box account our company uses, can this be set up to automatically update every couple of hours? even if its not opened in dropbox?

the big question, how can i link my order form to this pivot table? so that my order form inventory tab is always up to date? any suggestions are more than welcome and nothing is set in stone!

thanks in advance for taking the time to read my long winded request!