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How To Create Gantt Type Interval Chart?

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    How To Create Gantt Type Interval Chart?

    Hi, first time posting in these forums.

    I am trying to build a graph showing various types of maintenance done to a particular section of roadway over time. I know what I want the graph to look like but am unsure how to organize the data and build a chart to suit my needs.

    The X-Axis will show the mile marker of the roadway (0 - 250, for example).
    The Y Axis will show the Year in question with sub categories for 2 types of maintenance (microsurfacing and mill & pave) and also 2 lanes (Driving lane and Passing lane).

    The data will be represented with horizontal bars for each maintenance type, appearing only at the corresponding mile markers where they were performed in that given year.

    Basically it's a Gantt chart but the x-axis is not a timeline, it is a mile marker. It's not a bar chart because the data isn't represented by a single value, but rather several recurring intervals. For each given maintenance type, there could be dozens of intervals where it was used in a single year in the same lane.

    Can I do this type of thing in excel?

    I have a photo of a hand sketch showing what I want to accomplish but it will not let me attach it to the post even though ti is within the required size limit.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Re: Can This be Done in Excel?

    (How to) Upload a Workbook directly to the Forum
    (please do not post pictures or links to worksheets)
    • Click Advanced next to Quick Post button at the bottom right of the editor box.
    • Scroll down until you see "Manage Attachments",
    • Click the "Choose" button at the upper left (upload from your computer).
    • Select your file, click "open", click "upload"
    • Once the upload is completed the file name will appear below the input boxes in this window.
    • Close the Attachment Manager window.
    • Click "Submit Reply"
    Note: Please do not attach password protected workbooks/worksheets
    Ensure to disable any Workbook Open/Autorun macros before attaching!
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    Re: How To Create Gantt Type Interval Chart?

    See https://peltiertech.com/excel-gantt-charts/
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