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Convert rows to columns and repeating the fixed value

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    Convert rows to columns and repeating the fixed value

    Dear user,

    After doing calculations with pivot tables, I have a large set of data that I have to convert to a specific format.
    The pivot table looks exactly the same as the picture:

    What I want to achieve is:
    - For every specific Fruit in column B to H;
    - I want to repeat the country and put the specific fruit in column B;
    - AND the value of the fruit in column C;

    The end result has to look like this:

    Australia - Apple - 20634
    Australia - Banana - 52721
    Australia - Beans - 14433

    Ofcourse I can do this manually, but my dataset is too large for it.
    Does anyone know how to do this automatically?

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    Re: Convert rows to columns and repeating the fixed value


    Drag the Fruit field from the Column Labels pane to the Row Labels underneath the country field. This will indent the fruit in a single columns with the country.

    To display in a column of its own then right click the PT choose PT Options, Display...Classic PT Layout.

    To repeat the country right click the PT, choose field settings, Layout & Print and then Repeat column labels.
    Richard Buttrey

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